Practice Risk Solutions

Welcome to the CCPA Professional Liability Insurance Program

Available exclusively to Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association certified members, the CCPA Liability Insurance Program offers a full range of coverage specifically designed to meet your practice risk needs. Coverage options include protection for professional liability, cyber security and privacy liability, and business related coverages.

CCPA recently partnered with BMS Group in order to provide enhanced insurance coverage for their members as well as additional practice risk resources and improved customer service.

Members participating in the insurance program will get more coverage for the same price.

Key highlights are:

Higher sub limits – Members now have access to higher limits for Regulatory Legal Expenses and Criminal Defence Costs.

Expanded Coverage – Worldwide coverage for claims arising from e-counselling services.

Increased practice risk resources - BMS experts will work with legal and healthcare professionals to provide targeted information, tools, content and educational seminars and webinars on practice risk.

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